Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • This vehicle has been seen around Decatur. Real or just a funny bit? 
  • I received the most heartfelt handwritten thank you note yesterday. I greatly appreciated it. 
  • In a (kind of) weird move, attorney Pete Schulte, who you'll see on the news all the time, has decided not to run for Dallas County Sheriff after saying that he would. But sometimes the best decisions are made upon reflection. 
  • That Trump federal judge nominee who couldn't answer basic questions at his hearing decided to say, "No thanks. I'll go away."
    The Executioner (Who Is Also A Republican)
  • For those not familiar with litigation, civil or criminal, asking "What is a Motion in Liminie?" is the equivalent of asking, "What letter comes after C?"
  • A Fort Worth police officer has been terminated for unnecessarily roughing up and ordering the tasing of a black woman.
  • That derailed Amtrak train was doing "80 in a 30" mile per hour zone? 
  • I'm no foreign affairs experts, but reports early this morning that Yemen rebels fired a ballistic missile into the capitol of Saudi Arabia, who claims to have shot it down, is not good. Not good at all. World War I started because of far less. 
  • There's now a Trump talking robot in the "Hall of Presidents" at Disney World. (Which, by the way, prevented me from seeing the entire show a few weeks back because he was being installed.)
    Some have noticed a similarity 
  • And Another:

  • Jerry Jones' defense of the Carolina Panthers owner who has to sell his team because of sexual misconduct is not a good look. And Jerry probably needs to "tread lightly."