Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • I saw a U.S. mail delivery vehicle going through a neighborhood before 7:00 a.m. the other day. That's a first for me. 
  • Well, the Republicans rammed through the tax bill which will only benefit those who make a ton of money. You boys happy? You have no idea what just hit you or what will hit you in five years once every benefit you see in the next three years is gone. #TheBigCon
  • I'll be up monitoring it for you, but based upon the Liberally Lean Weather Center projections we've got a big cold front coming in at 2:11 a.m. tomorrow. 
  • Whomever wrote the disparaging comment about my Administrative Assistant yesterday, you are a disgusting individual. And you, unlike me, won't sign your name to your Internet comments. That makes you the ultimate coward. Read that word again, buddy, it was "coward."  (And you don't think I don't know your IP address? You think you're being clever?)
  • Oh, by the way, the coward decided to attack on Christmas week and before 9:00 a.m.! Peace and Joy!
  • Christmas Vacation still holds up. And the older I get, the more I relate to Clark. (Especially having a wife who just patiently shakes her head whenever he goes off.)
  • The new puppy is driving us crazy. And crazy with fun.
  • Twitter has been deleting white supremacist accounts. That is the company's absolute right -- it is not the government, it is a private company. I followed a couple of "Proud Boys" and they are now gone. 
  • It really is a great story: A female kicker for a six man Texas football team successfully did her job in the state championship game yesterday. But NBC 5 told me this morning that she was "hanging up her cleats and won't kick in college." Really? No way!
  • It's weird how the pseudo-intellectuals like Dennis Prager think that college kids are radicalized by their professors at universities but not realizing their anger might be because of their six-figure college loan debt. 
  • I will always be entertained by the wording of this tweet as the modern day Robert Tilton tries to make more money. Read it. "[J]ust as the Apostle Paul did!"
  • Watching Wise County DWI videos can be a beating and a joy. The joy comes when you find gold. I watched one yesterday where a guy who just happens to be from Thailand was asked by the officer about "karate" and "nunchucks." (If the officer saw nunchucks during the search of the vehicle after the arrest that would make sense, but I can't find it referenced in the report or see it on the DVD.) If that was just a random question I know two people in the courthouse who will explode. And that came after the initial contact when the officer asked him, "How many cervezas" he had had. Which he pronounced both as SIR-vasa and KER-vasa back to back. Most of the time my job is a beating, but there are times when I love it.