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21 Pounds Of Cat Power


Anonymous said...

That is one big Puddy Tat.

DF Tweety Bird

Anonymous said...

We think we will steer clear of the Green homestead for now. Just out of precaution.

DF Neighborhood Dogs

Anonymous said...

How many bags of Cat Show do you go through in a week? We may need to increase the factory run.

DF Ralston Purina - Pet Food Division

Anonymous said...

Hey, I lost a pound. Give me credit for my new Slimfast for Cats diet.

DF The Formerly 22 Pound Cat

Anonymous said...

Mrs LL - never store your phone there. Bad things can happen if it slips out - or even if it doesn't slip out. Plus folks will always be ringing you to see you reach for your phone. Just so you know.

DF Verizon Customer Service
df can you hear us now?

Anonymous said...

Gato panson!