Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Odd: Papa John's came to Jerry Jones' defense during his recent battle with the Commissioner and this morning we have learned the head of Papa John's has stepped down. No reason given.
  • Rockdale won a state championship yesterday and I think their head coach used to coach at Jacksboro. (Side note: I can never hear "Rockdale" without thinking of that old R.E.M. song.)
  • TxDOT has been "treating roads" for possible winter weather next week. Anyone else think this is the biggest waste of money there is? And does anyone think that "treatment" a week in advance would work?
  • Dick Enberg, a legendary sportscaster, has died. And he is who I stole my often repeated phrase of  "Oh, my!" from. I grew up watching him as a kid, and it is buried in my brain. 
  • U.N. members passed a resolution 128-9 rebuking Trump's decision to  recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital. I've said before I really don't understand all of this. However, doesn't it make you think something is very amiss when the world is against you? Allies including Britain, France, Germany and Japan are part of that 128. 
  • Highland Park will play for a State Championship (Jerry Jones' grandson is the QB and very, very good). But let's take a look at the diversity from years gone by. (Honestly, I don't know the date of this photo. I'll update.) Edit: Good lord, I didn't see it in the corner. That is this year's team.
  • The Seattle Seahawks have been fined $100,000 for not following "concussion protocol" for QB Russell Wilson during a game in November. I'm sure Wilson's CTE brain appreciates that. 
  • The New York Times did a story on how Trump is often compared to P.T. Barnum, the ultimate huckster and propaganda man from circus fame, and found this quote from January 2016: 
  • I watched some of the "live" version of a A Christmas Story on NBC that aired on Sunday. It was horrible. It was so slickly produced that I turned to Mrs. LL and said, "This doesn't even look 'live'." I'm not alone as professional TV critics agreed: "No one watching would’ve known this was a live production if not for the periodic cheers from an invisible audience and the occasional blown line."
  • Football fans: If you want to go down a rabbit trail, Google the "touch the pylon with the ball and you score" rule, and then look at where they put the pylons. In bounds? Out of bounds? And then think about the number of ways a guy could hit the pylon with the ball. 
  • A fire alarm went off at Love Field this morning. Merry Christmas travelers!

  • I don't understand Bitcoin but I've expressed my concerns about it. Last weekend, its value went to $20,000 per coin. It is now at $13,000. That seems like a very stable investment. 
  • Ted Cruz turns 47 today. Only 47? You kidding me? At least he will "serve" long enough to eventually get kicked out of office once the voting demographics change.