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Thought This Was Fake But It's From A Reputable Houston Station

What was supposed to be temporary tattoo and a fun memory with family, has turned into a permanent mistake for one woman.
Ashley Burke went on vacation to Mexico with her family where she and two others got Henna tattoos. 


Anonymous said...

Not a fake news story. Just an ad for fake Mexican henna tattoos disguised as a news story.

DF Barry Green

Triple Fake... said...

"Sorry! I was eating a Milky Way!"

Triple Fake snacking henna artist

Anonymous said...

The mark will fade soon. It's only been a week. She just needs to wash it off better. Now we even have fake non-news?

Anonymous said...

How is it a "permanent mistake" when it will wash off soon?

Anonymous said...

Who cares if it's from a "reputable" source, unless it's now suddenly news when somebody's fake tattoo wears off slowly.