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They didn't rule from the bench like Judge Judy, but they might have ruled walking down the back hallway.

That was quick.

Here's the status: Now the case goes to a full appeal on the merits. This was about the injunction to stop the suspension while the appeal is pending. But if the appeal takes more than six weeks (the length of suspension), it becomes moot. It is interesting to note that the Court's short decision said it would hear the appeal on an expedited basis. 


Anonymous said...

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Football is a stupid game. Grow up, cretins.

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Anonymous said...

Who cares?

Anonymous said...

I am no lawyer, and don't really care a whole bunch about football. I do have a question. How can they suspend him until his appeals are done? He has not been completely proven guilty.

It seems like he is going to "Serve the Time" then the appeal court could say oh wait he didn't do it. Can't put the time back on the clock then. He can always be suspended later. But you can't unserve a suspension.

Anonymous said...

He was innocent in court

Anonymous said...

That's a styling suit he has on. Looks good!

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Rodger God has his money on New Orleans in the Super Bowl !

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Think he will stay from white girls now? Naw!!!

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They are a private company and the employees are under contract. They can discipline according to that contract. Don't like the contract? You can always choose to work elsewhere.

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