Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • It was a Republican blood bath last night in Virginia with the Dems taking the top three state positions and the New Jersey governorship going back to the Democrats as well. Regarding losing the governor's race in Virginia, Trump was not pleased as he Tweeted from South Korea: 
  • It is amazing he lost because Trump said earlier in the day Gillespie could make crime "be gone."
  • The funniest race was for the Virginia legislature. She beat "a 13-term incumbent who called himself Virginia’s 'chief homophobe' and earlier this year introduced a 'bathroom bill' that died in committee." That is the definition of being "owned." 
  • It's going to be a beautiful day today. Get outside and enjoy it!
  • The new tax plan eliminates the deduction for teachers who buy their own school supplies. 
  • I'm confused:
  • "Hillwood Communities, a division of Ross Perot Jr.'s Hillwood, has closed on its largest residential development yet — a 1,157-acre tract near Interstate 35W and FM 407 in Northlake that will bring more than 3,000 homes to North Texas."  The traffic going into Fort Worth on I-35, morning or evening, is already insane. It just got ramped up. 
  • I'm the worst businessman in history, and I always shake my head on how they can pull the trigger on deals like that. But if the price is right on the land, that's really all they need. They'll contract out the home building and won't have any risk. And if there is a real estate crash, they'll just wait it out. It's just shifting money from a cash account to a land account. (And it's probably just a low interest loan and not even their cash. If you were a bank, would you lend to Hillwood and take a lien on that property if the Perots' say, "This will work"? Oh, yes, yes, yes.)
  • Funny line from a Defendant, who might be a little unstable, up at the Wise County Courthouse (not my client) to a court administrator: "Why do I have to pay court costs? I didn't bring the charges! The State brought the charges!" Strangely, he has a point. 
  • How can you tell these days?:
  • Someone broke into home last night and was shot and killed by the owner. You might hear some discussion about the Castle Doctrine. You can ignore it. If someone breaks into your home and you kill them, no Texas jury will ever convict you.