Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Obama showing up for jury duty yesterday was great. (Quick three videos here.). It would be more fun being an ex-president than being a current president.
  • Nothing makes you feel dumber than trying to help with a kid's math homework. I gave up years ago. 
  • Nothing makes Mrs. LL clean more than having a guest over. It's almost enough to make me want to be sociable. Almost. 
  • A trooper's task of knocking on someone's door to tell them of a death has to be the worst aspect of the job.
  • Jerry Jones consideration of hiring Harvey Weinstein's ex-lawyer, who is brilliant but oversaw Weinstein's "spies" of his accusers, is a bad look.
  • Garth Brooks won Entertainer of the Year? Country music must be in bad shape.
  • WFAA had a feature on Randy Travis last night. I had no idea he was in such bad shape.
  • It was a self check-out scam. But you have to love this quote:  "The computer is for my husband. Since he just got me a Coach purse, I figured he deserved something nice, as well."
  • The Second Circuit will hear oral arguments in the Zeke case today. As I've said before, there will be no ruling from the bench. It ain't Judge Judy.
  • The director will reshoot all of Kevin Spacey's scenes in All The Money In The World. That movie is supposed to be great, but it also has a release date of December 22nd. Christopher Plummer will replace him in the role of J Paul Getty.
  • Mrs. LL saw this last night. I presume that's a cut out picture but in this day and time you never know. 
  • I had a client killed in an accident this week (it is unrelated to the funeral today in Paradise.). 2017 is making a run for the worst year ever. Edit: A commentor accurately stated that I might want to re-write that first sentence. 
  • The three UCLA players arrested for shoplifting (idiots) might be facing charges and reportedly cannot leave their hotel rooms until a decision is made. It might be a good thing that Trump is there at the same time. (If Trump is aware of it.)
  • Yep, we certainly have a handle on gun violence in this country: 
  • The Twin Hills Biker Trial is being broadcast on Facebook Live. I'm not sure I've ever heard of that before in Texas. (Although if court is not in session, I think it just fires up the last three hours or so that was broadcast.)  Edit: Obviously, Twin Peaks. Not Twin Hills. I've been at Lake Bridgeport too much.