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It's Friday. Let's Get Out Of Here.

 I'm not laughing at the uppercut. I'm curious that an industrial dumpster 
is designed like a kitchen trash can. 
 Get me these dogs! 
 What the heck is going on? (1) Earthquake? (2) A drill of getting back on the bar in the event you fall off? (3) Why do two girls land on a soft mat and act like they've just hit pavement? (4) And I'm giving that one girl my thoughts and prayers. 
 This will be taught in High Five School for years.
 Get me this dog, too! 
 I don't know. I think the guy has potential. 
This is the way I perceive Mrs. LL leaving the driveway every morning. 


Anonymous said...

In reverse order....

Yes, that's her. I posted that video.

Potential...until he blew out his left ACL.

That is a cat in dog's clothing. Real dogs don't play dat.

Faux five. (many of your readers are going to have to google that one to understand the comment.....faux sure) I guess it could be possible they all have magnets for hands and have like poles thus repelling each other...but I like the faux five explanation better, especially since it is faux.

Yes, it is a drill, but 2 young ladies missed the part about being able to use their hands while dismounting.

Use 1,024 for duct tape, securing puppies to swings. Everyone knows that one.

Former Trump intern.

Anonymous said...

Is the basketball guy Aaron Rodgers?

RatherBSailing said...

Some of your best 'let's get out of here.'

Anonymous said...

In the gymnastics world that's called splitting the beam. Not pleasant.

DF Gabby Douglas

Anonymous said...

3:02 again

Check that, current US Trump intern assigned to Donald Jr.

Anonymous said...

Dude, that dumpster caused me to literally laugh out loud. Too funny!

Anonymous said...

Two girls...both in all blue leotards hit the bar the same way...straddling it as they fell, to put it genteelly.
The girl in the red shorts, blue top, did a pretty amazing, totally uncontrolled back flip. I'll bet her right wrist hurts!

In light of Aly Raisman's accusation of Larry Nassar, the biggest question may be, "Who is their team doctor and how are the female gymnasts examined for their injuries?"