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I'd Like To Have A Transcript Of This

As always, language warning.

The manager need a Golden Taco Award.  Fine job. And if I heard it correctly, when she tries to calm Ms. Einstein down by saying, "Let's turns this around", Ms. Einstein says, "I don't have problems in my life, really." Oh, you do honey. Oh, you do.


Anonymous said...

Skippy, to get a transcript of this, get a pencil and piece of paper and write down everything that is said.

Anonymous said...

Is this a fake set up? I think she was trying to make a ‘funny’ You Tube video. Hint to Ms. Einstein; it was not funny.
Or, go to Chik-fil-A and order pizza & beer.

Anonymous said...

Animated's racism of this was Barry by posting.

gary tidmore said...

Oh, it's real alright. Millennial. Need I say more?

Anonymous said...

I'd do her anyway. I have pretty low standards

Anonymous said...

Okay pick only one.
She has completed the following educational level in her studies:
A Jr High
B Freshman High School
D Jr College
E Masters in English Literature
F Baylor Law School
G None of the above


Anonymous said...

Barry --

You are obsessed with race and racism. Is it because you are short? Seriously.

Anonymous said...

I need a transcript to be able to understand her issues. They seem to change every breath!