Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • There are reports TCU is on lock down this morning. There was a road rage incident where one driver shot at another (but missed.) Has the country gone crazy?
  • The Church Shooting guy lived with his parents in a high tone home.
  • Our governor is an idiot. He said yesterday that all these tragedies seem "heavy right now but put this in context of history, look at what happened with Hitler."  So if you kill less than 6 million, just "put it in context"? Austin is a clown car.
  • There's actually something to this: 
  • Loved this line from Mark Davis' new column where he is mad at people who want gun control after all of these mass shootings: "Many of us favor addressing the actual problem, which is not a gun problem any more than drunk driving is a car problem." Uh, so why does MADD advocate ignition interlock on even first time offenders? 
  • Rand Paul was attacked by his neighbor over a long time dispute over leaves. Yep, leaves. Everyone thought it was a little funny until we learned his injuries are pretty bad. He'll be out of commission for a while.
  • If you are hard core into politics and followed the Carter Page story yesterday, you know that guy is going to get indicted.
  • In maybe one of the most shocking moments in a criminal trial I've seen in a long time was in the Twin Peaks Trial yesterday. The DA and his assistant said they didn't turn over exculpatory evidence they heard in a witness interview because they didn't believe the witness. That's not how this works. That is not how this works it all. It should cost them there jobs -- and that is just for starts.
  • Fox News: 
  • I've got a huge internal clock and this time change is really messing me up because my body won't acknowledge it.
  • Why don't we just keep the flags at half staff all the time? 
  • There are reports this morning that Secretary of Education DeVos will resign.  
  • The two women killed in the parking lot in Parker County were extorting money from the alleged shooter.