Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • The jury in the Twin Peaks case, after deliberating for hours, said they were deadlocked, but the judge will have them come back today. But the jury did send out a bombshell note. Remember, this prosecution is not about a murder but about the leader of the Bandidos at the Waco restaurant being accused of Engaging In Organized Criminal Activity.. Also recall the gun fight was between the Bandidos and the Cossacks. The jury note: "Mr. P indicated he has personal experience with the Cossacks and his opinion won't change." How did he get on the jury, Mr. DA?
  • I just looked back at an old article, juror questionnaires were sent out and, "They also will be asked what they know about the Bandidos and Cossacks . . . ." It would be interesting to know how Mr. P answered that.
  • I'm going Roy Moore heavy now. This is fascinating. 
    • Republican Alabama Senate candidate and all around nutcase Roy Moore sent Washington into a tizzy yesterday when allegations of sexual assault of a minor (a long time ago) were published.The person making these very old allegations against Moore is now an assistant district attorney. Oh, my. Edit: I was wrong. It was Moore who was assistant DA when this allegedly occurred. (And there are three other independent accounts from legal-aged teenagers that said he pursued them when he was in his 30s.)
    • Cruz and Cornyn endorsed him against Luther Strange who was Trump's boy. There were many, many Republican Senators yesterday saying he should step down if the allegations are true. There is no way that stubborn old man is going to step down. He's been so stubborn before that he was removed from the bench in Alabama. And he was also later suspended from the bench for unethical conduct. And this is in Alabama!
    • So what are the Republicans to do? Support an alleged pedophile? Well, I suppose they did support the Grab 'Em By guy so that's not much of a big next step.
    • But if he did step down, the Dems get a Senate seat. The ballots have already been printed and if Moore were to receive more votes, they simply are not counted. 
    • And now his dissenting opinions seem to make a little more sense: 
    • But this is my favorite defense of him by an Alabama elected official. It'a almost like saying he believes God is a pimp. Oh, Alabama.: 
    • The official Texas Prosecutor Twitter account did not approve Sean Hannity's defense of Moore. That's a bold statement: 
  • Changing gears, Junior's been acting a little crazy.
  • OJ got banned from a Las Vegas casino after allegedly being drunk and unruly.  Lay low, guy! Lay low!
  • This is one of the craziest cat-fishing stories you'll ever read. (Via Deadspin)
  • What? A Nazi passed a bad check? You can't even trust the Klan these days. 
  • Trump is in Vietnam. Radio guy Mark Davis, who is getting crazier and crazier, said the other morning is that the only way we could have won would have been to "drop a nuke on them." Good lord, man. Plus, we lost the war and what were the consequences of South Vietnam falling? Nothing. The war itself, not Communist Vietnam, was far worse on that country. 
  • Nice touch: Baylor lights up the Administration Building green when they win. For the first time all season, they got to do it last weekend. You know who got to throw the switch? Jalen Pitre  -- the only recruit from the 2016 class who didn't bolt after the scandal broke. 
  • I watched the 30 for 30 on Rick Flair. I didn't mean to, it just happened. I had no idea who he was because no "sport" has been off my radar since high school more than "wrestling." But I'll tell you, that was one fantastic documentary. And that guy is Wheels Off.
  • There has been an arrest in the Dollar General shooting of the clerk: A 15 year old boy. Two days ago on Fox 4, a detective said he thought the guy didn't mean to shoot her but that the gun went off when he reached for the money (1) Even if he believes it, I can't believe he said it. If evidence turns up to the contrary, he is now married to that statement. (2) The kid is still screwed. Even though he might not have intended the death, there is still a way to be creative and charge him with murder.