Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • The interviews in Austin for the Wise County district judge appointment to replace the late Judge Fostel will happen tomorrow. 
  • Baylor is bad and it doesn't help that two star players have been lost for the season with injury. 
  • I had this photo on my bulletin board in my room as a kid. I really didn't understand why.
  • One thing I didn't mention about my trip to the Duke/Baylor game: The Duke band played the Baylor school song before the game. That was very classy.
  • The Ticket had an odd weather alert yesterday (you know, that irritating sound before you hear the warning.) It was odd because that sound was played five or six times before I heard "this is only a test." I honestly thought it was going to be a nuke warning since there wasn't a cloud in the sky. 
  • Around 1990, a buddy and I were going to a North Texas football game and a warning came over the radio. I promise this is true: It said "The White House has activated" followed by basically a warning there was an impending attack. We freaked out. Then some guy came on the radio and said, "Sorry, I played the wrong one."
  • John McCain will defy Trump until he dies -- which may be soon due to his brain cancer. Who do you respect more? 
  • Good point: 
  • Hugh Hefner has died. 
  • Puerto Rico is closer to Miami than Philadelphia is: 
  • Whenever I see an ad with the wording of "$10,000 off sticker price" I wonder how much the thing costs. And normally it's for some jacked up truck.
  • The Decatur Economic Development Board just purchased land off of 287 for just under $2 million. I want to see where this is going.