Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • It's from Wonkette, but this is a crazy story. It has a legal twist, a reference to the Dallas Morning News, and the "Streisand Effect." (Thanks to a Faithful Reader.)
  • Six man football news from last weekend: Campbell 125, Fannindel 122 (and the game was stopped with seven minutes left because of injury.)
  • The University of Maryland has lost their quarterback and their backup quarterback to torn ACLs.
  • If he keeps his job, I'll be stunned:
  • I haven't had the hiccups in years yet I've been hit with them twice, hard, over the last two days. 
  • And Another (Kerrville):
  • Repeal and Replace? Those boys can't get anything right.
  • I finally listened to a Tony Romo broadcast (when I went back to try and watch a recording of 60 Minutes). I thought he would be as boring as all get out. Instead, he is over the top and irritating. 
  • The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission says CBS 11 discriminated against Tammy Dombeck. I vote for her. 
  • As I predicted, Crazy Roy Moore beat Trump's selected candidate, Luther Strange, in Alabama last night. Trump then deleted all the tweets of support for Strange and then posted this.
  • As I predicted months ago, the Rangers were eliminated from the playoffs last night. 
  • When I first started to drive, my dad gave me one of his credit cards and told me to only use it in an emergency if my car broke down and it was an emergency. I never used it. 
  • Any chance the jury didn't know the difference between millions and billions? One thing the plaintiffs were mad about was that "the bank took years to release basic interests in art, home furnishings, jewelry, and notably, Mr. Hopper's collection of 6,700 golf putters and 900 bottles of wine."
  • The 660 The Answer radio host Mark Davis this morning on Dale Hansen's Unplugged about the NFL protests: "Who does he think he is!?"
  • The Harris County DA's Office will no longer prosecute drug cases when the lab return says it was only a "trace".