Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • This is breaking - Oh, my!! Here's the U.S. Attorney's press release with links. I'm trying to go through it since I've not seen a news story summarizing it yet. 
  • Long time NFL player Darren Sproles broke and arm and tore and ACL in one play.
  • And Another (Michigan): 
  • The very conservative, and late, Justice Scalia: 
  • This is misleading. I can't stand the guy but he said they are lucky they don't live in North Korea where they would be shot in the head. 
  • Finally, finally, the State Bar of Texas goes after a prosecutor who withheld evidence. 
  • San Antonio Spurs coach Greg Popovich says the U.S. has become “an embarrassment to the world” since Trump was elected.
  • Trump vs. Cowboys: 

  • I thought the Cowboys handled it very well. I'm stunned Jerry would allow that, though. 
  • Trump, just when you think he could not be more tone deaf, bashed devastated Puerto Rico late yesterday for owing money to Wall Street and banks. 
  • Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore (who is insane -- a book could be written about him) pulled out a gun last night at a rally. I bet he beats Luther Strange tonight.
  • Sheesh. The rank and file of the Fort Worth PD have gone to war against their Chief.
  • Sean Hannity smokes during his TV show during breaks. Evidence.