Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • That was a crazy storm yesterday afternoon. I was able to catch a quick video of it at Lake Bridgeport. The wind made it look like the ocean. 
  • I finally got to watch the 30 for 30 on the Lakers/Celtics. It was fantastic. I had forgotten (and did not know) so much of that. 
  • A major Fox News personality has been suspended for allegations of sending inappropriate pictures of himself. 
  • Uh, the requirement for grand juries is literally, and I do mean literally, in the Constitution. 
  • Former Texas Governor Mark White died over the weekend. I learned that when he was governor the state's share of funding for public education was 67%. Today it is 38%. This whole front page is fascinating: 
  • I've been watching the news on former Baylor receiver K.D. Cannon who left school early this year to enter the NFL draft. He went undrafted. He was then signed by the Raiders as a free agent and given $50,000. He was cut within one week. He then signed on with the Jets. Last week, he was cut on the first couple of days of training camp. I now see he has signed with Rams. He is a fantastic talent but he is incredibly wheels off. His Twitter feed is insane
  • I've been preaching about how I've been seeing erratic driving and road rage lately. The Star-Telegram has this story of a guy pointing a gun at someone on the highway. Two things. What is that white thing on the end of the gun? And why wasn't the person recording the video paying attention to the road?! (There has to be a huge back story to all of this.)
  • In other road rage news: 
  • Jerry Jones' speech at his induction into the Hall of Fame was equally fantastic and crazy. (Mrs. LL was playing Hall of Fame Speech Bingo while she was listening.)
  • Let's check in on Trump's mental health this morning: 
  • I watched Crimson Tide for five minutes this weekend thinking I was watching The Hunt for Red October. But as far as "fear the Russians" movies go, they are now both really interesting to view.
  • Attorney General Jeff Sessions statement regarding how he wants to stop "leaks" from the White House by going after the press is beyond astounding and shows a complete ignorance of the First Amendment. Sessions said,  "We respect the important role that the press plays and will give them respect, but it is not unlimited." That's not the way it works. That's not the way it works at all. 
  • Speaking of interesting, I watched Frost/Nixon for the first time this weekend. Oh, my. If you care about the current state of politics and the press, go watch it now. Trump might just be Nixon but without the smarts.
  • I loved this from King Barnett's obituary: "He lived life by his own quote, 'If you're not having a good day it's your own damn fault.'"