Cop vs. Prosecutor: Who Ya Got?

I've been in the criminal justice field a long time and this fascinates me to no end. A prosecutor and a cop have an obvious history of tension and the cop goes to visit the prosecutor about a case. And he turns on his body cam. (That should give every prosecutor something to think about.)

The subject of the discussion was a pending drug case. The newspaper in South Texas which first reported the story was critical of the prosecutor. Yet a Houston defense lawyer came to the defense of her.

One of the oddest parts was when the prosecutor asks the officer for his wife's phone number since he "listed her as a witness" He doesn't give it but reminds her she's a court reporter.

There has to be a huge back story between the two.

Side note: When did it become professional for prosecutors to wear jogging clothes in the office and have a dog there?

Edit: I've now watched this twice. My verdict: Both are guilty. She is condescending. He is dumb as a box of rocks.