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I May Have Remembered The Craziest Movie Of All Time

I had someone ask me, "If Siamese twins commit a crime and one is innocent and the other is guilty, do they both go to prison?" After the huge question mark which formed over my head was gone, I replied that I thought there was some crazy movie a long time ago which had that concept. 

It was then discovered this movie is what was in the back of my brain. I was really, really wrong about the concept.

But this movie definitely needs a remake.


Anonymous said...

Or at least be a bit on the remake of "Kentucky Fried Movie".

Anonymous said...

Isn't it time for another poll question about movies? Like the legal movies one you did a while back?

Anonymous said...

Wonder how Rosie Greer like having Ray Milland riding "bareback" during the filming?

Anonymous said...

On a somber Siamese Twins point that you non-history buffs may not have considered--Back in the day when there was no separating them--think what happened when one of them died before the other, especially if they didn't share any "critical" organs like a heart, etc. Not Good!

Sorry for the "downer" thought! :-)

Anonymous said...

Read about Chang and Eng Bunker on Wikipedia, for instance. During mid-1860s, fused only by cartilage at sternum and had livers conjoined (but note, liverS plural). They could have been easily separated nowadays, but died together.

Anonymous said...

How hard up did these two actors have to be to agree to do this movie?

Ray Milland, who was a famous actor, must have been facing bankruptcy when he submitted himself to the indignity of binding himself cheek-to-cheek to his co-star for an entire movie.