Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • The Dallas Morning News laid off 45 people after they "outsourced" their advertising. 
  • Heard in a courthouse elevator in Denton yesterday: "I'm sorry. It's just the voices in my head. I didn't take my medication."
  • This is the result of a wreck yesterday of a spouse of a Wise County Courthouse office administrator. Not a scratch on him. And I heard a Decatur police officer went beyond the call of duty. Proof you should wear your seatbelt.
  • Fox 4 News led with a story from over the weekend of yet another road rage case. A girl actually was shot in the arm. I'm now fascinated with watching how people drive and if there is a war going on between two cars. You can see it developing sometimes.
  • There is a new arrest in the DART beating case. The easiest and simplest legal advice ever is this: Shut up. 
  • What an odd and horrible story: A sailboat on Lake O' The Pines in East Texas comes into contact with a power line and three Boy Scouts died. 
  • This is a heck of a start for a court opinion that just came out. The result? Pay the man his money. 
  • Trump has started his own network, "Trump TV". It's a modern day American version of Pravda
  • I've dogged Texas Supreme Court Justice Don Willett for a couple of years for his "aww shucks" twitter account. It's a disguised and constant political ad.  Then he tweeted this out this weekend implying how poor he was back in the day. Uh, he went to private Baylor University for undergrad and went to the extremely high tone private Duke Law School. He is trying to con you. Being thrifty does not mean you are poor. And there are many, many people who could explain to him what poor is. 
  • One of my favorite sayings when the kids (or Mrs. LL) keep an outside door open for more than five seconds during the summer: "Shut the door. You're letting the bought air out!!"