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It's Friday. Let's Get Out Of Here

This is not from the Decatur Reunion. I repeat. Not from Decatur Reunion.

What every married guy sees before (and after) they apologize.
I don't care about her. I hope the ficus tree is OK.
More proof dogs are better than humans. 
I feel guilty for feeling so much joy out of this one. 


Anonymous said...

This news is 3 months old, the 'fake news' MSM just now getting around to publishing it.

And today news breaks that Trump is golfing, again, his oligarch friend just landed his plane nearby and SS is told to stay back and use drones

#civilwar? Bring it on GOP comrades. Doubt the US military will side with Russia unless Kelly manages one hell of a coup

DF armed, informed and liberal

Anonymous said...

Whether it's really bad amateur women's rugby, or boat jumping, shutting off all or part of your momentum at the moment of truth is not a bright idea. Why did this knucklehead even bother with a run up?

Anonymous said...

We have more guns pinko.

Anonymous said...

Obviously, this idiot jumping a boat made a huge mistake. He was not holding a camera on a stick, so there could be yet another view. Years from now, society will be so glad we have this historic event recorded. It's THAT important.

Anonymous said...

No need to hack the machine when you can influence the machine operator

Russian chump = American Republican

Own your shame

Anonymous said...

11:35 was drunk.

Anonymous said...

Fascists really struggle with reality. We can reenact 1949 for you again if that's what it takes