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Let's Check In On NFL Fans

This isn't even a game. It was practice.

Can't wait for the regular season.


Triple Fake... said...

rowdy rednecks gotta practice, too

Anonymous said...

nice butt

Anonymous said...

Another example of the "Keep Calm" crowd not doing so.

Anonymous said...

Yes we all know the fans of soccer are much better.

Boy gets beat to death after a SanFrancisco Giants baseball game.

Hockey? Yeah right.

Should just say fans of all sports who get together drink to much and start smack talking ,,,

Football is not alone.

Anonymous said...

I swear, a kid could be mauled by a dog and some "hero" would rather record it with a phone than help.

Anonymous said...

That is sickening...hate sports.

Anonymous said...

It used to be quite friendly here... sigh. Maybe I should move back to NYC.

Anonymous said...

Booze + Stupid Fans = Violence.
Thug/Gangsta Players + Entitlement Treatment = Rapes, Assaults, etc., etc., etc.

Pro--and now more and more--College Sports.

Makes me enjoy watching Golf. If you go "wheels off" personally, your game goes "wheels off" and you--rightfully--disappear off the golf scene. Your life will be scandal fodder (see Tiger Woods), but at least you get off the sports coverage on TV.

Anonymous said...

Boy's, you never listen to me. A few high pressure cold water hoses strategically placed around the field to spray down offenders duking it out in the stands is the answer. Plus it cools surrounding spectators. Win-Win.

You're welcome.

DF Water Hose Salesman