Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I saw that Fuzzy's Tacos in downtown Decatur has a big sign out that says, "Now Hiring." Someone explain to me why twenty-somethings aren't beating down the door to get the job.
  • The minor league baseball team, the Bridgeport Bluefish (of Connecticut), will leave after 20 years because the city is converting their stadium into a concert venue. The organization is now considering a move to a different state which includes Texas. I know the perfect town. There just needs to be a small baseball park that could be used for years to come for them and others. 
  • I'm sure this device was accurate. But I love the name.
  • I forgot to mention that the Dallas Stars officially came out against the "Bathroom Bill." It sounds like it won't pass in the Special Session because it is so insane. 
  • One of my many regimented routines of mine is to watch the recorded NBC nightly news every day when I get home. I'm not sure I've ever been happier when the College Sophomore In The House put down her phone yesterday and got locked into it with me. And, to make my day even better, in the middle of it she asked, "Do you like Trump?" 
  • Please tell me he is not talking about nuclear weapons this morning:
  • I've noticed that in the last month he doesn't put a space after the comma. 
  • Trump better mean ground troops. How do people not realize that using only ground troops that the U.S. or China could take over North Korea in 24 hours without using a plane, bomb, or missile? 
  • I would love to be part of what goes on behind the scenes at a newspaper. The Star-Telegram's Bud Kennedy wrote a column praising our local Sheriff for opposing DPS's decision to charge counties and municipalities fees for lab testing. Yet the paper ran an editorial that said "It’s reasonable for them to pay a portion of lab fees. They should get used to the idea and plan accordingly." Or perhaps they don't talk at all. 
  • Texas Aggie play by play man David South will retire after this year. He was the first "homer" broadcaster I ever heard and I loved it.
  • When the media reports that any Dallas Cowboy (or any pro player) "worked out after practice was over" or "played on the field before practice with his kids" they are doing it because the cameras are there.  It's like when the team visits a hospital. When you do it when the cameras aren't there then I'll be impressed.