Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • One thing I've noticed in watching police videos over the years is that they now talk on cell phones to other officers. Nothing goes out public over the radio. Burners?
  • I didn't even mention the Washington Post story yesterday that Trump "dictated" the statement for Trump Jr. to explain the Russian meeting because even I was skeptical. Then spokesperson Sarah Huckabee came out during the White House press conference and confirmed it after Trump's lawyer had denied it.  
  • Here's a story about a "senior" bull rider from Bridgeport traveling six hours to compete in Kansas. It's from the local paper up there. 
  • That's a crazy story about the DART train where a guy was beaten because he complained about them smoking weed. There are a lot of lessons to be learned. 
  • Per the Messenger, they have opened the gates at Lake Bridgeport to feed water to the metroplex. I bet it has been two years since that happened. 
  • Also in the Messenger: The Sheriff's office is getting a TxDOT grant for DWI enforcement on certain holidays. J.T. Manoushagian is overseeing it.
  • Mrs. LL texted me last night with the message: "The neighbor says there is a SKUNK outside!"
  • I called BS on this story in Random Thoughts when it first came out. Now the Houston Chronicle is on it
  • The Cowboys play a preseason game tomorrow. That's kind of hard to grasp.