Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Sarah Huckabee read another alleged letter from a young boy (who just happens to be named Frank). He wants to mow the White House lawn because he wants to make money. She then talked about immigration reform. Wow.
  • There was a story of a home invasion robbery in Fort Worth two nights ago. The man, who is an attorney, and his wife and daughter were all home.  And last night I saw the wife just calmly talking about on camera. 
  • Trump is basically declaring war on all of Congress.
  • Conspiracy theorist Jim Marrs has died. He was no stranger to Wise County.
  • I think one of the biggest logistic challenges there would be is schools this time of year. Can you imagine registrations, classroom assignments, scheduling, etc.
  • The College Sophomore in the House has had a babysitting job of a little baby this summer. That makes me nervous. Not that she can't handle it (she's fantastic) but that she will get the "baby bug". I've told her not to get any ideas. My hot opinion to her is to not have a baby until after 30 years old. I'm not sure she understands.
  • This is a weird story: A 38 year old woman has gone missing in the Grand Canyon. Her two children, 10 and 11, who were with her are safe. She is a doctor in Keller. Breaking edit: She has been found dead.
  • Ticket fans only: It's a little weird that Craig and Gordon just suddenly decided to stay behind in California and they had to scramble for emergency fill-ins for them this morning. 
  • I keep hearing about a football official shortage in Texas especially at the under varsity level. That makes sense. Who would want to do it these days and take that abuse?