Random Monday (oops, I mean) Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Once again, proving I'm a Sports Genius, I told you Yu Darvish would end up as a Dodger.
  • Nothing makes me sadder than The Mooch being fired. He was a brief window into the White House. (And you realize his wife left him and had a baby during his 11 day stint, right?)
  • And he looks different without the aviator glasses.
  • Trump always said he would "surround myself with the best people.": (1) Mike Flynn: 24 days, (2) Sean Spicer: 182 days, (3) Reince Priebus: 189 days, (4) The Mooch: 11 days,
  • Sheriff Joe had a bad day, too:

  • "They won't make me wear pink underwear will they!?"
  • After seeing a colonoscopy and cataract surgery assembly lines over the last year, I'm convinced that is the way to make money as a doctor. Specialize, get referrals, and hire good people. 
  • I've never understood the phrase "If you're not a liberal when you're 25, you have no heart. If you're not a conservative by the time you're 35, you have no brain." 
  • I had to stop driving yesterday morning in Bridgeport because a big dog was just relaxing in the middle of the road on a pretty remote residential street. It was funny. He finally moved. 
  • And this morning Trump proves once again he just sits around in the morning and watches Fox and Friends
  • I failed to link to the West Texas oil field/drug use story yesterday. Here it is