Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Yesterday the girl who successfully encouraged the boyfriend to kill himself was sentenced to 15 months in prison. This may be one of the biggest free speech case since the flag burning decision in Texas vs. Johnson. 
  • Heard a story on the radio yesterday (the Hardline) about how they were on a plane which was headed down the runway and, seconds before lift off, the pilot shut it down. That happened to Mrs. LL and I once and it is beyond unnerving. 
  • They were headed to Canton for the Hall of Fame game. I went there a couple of years ago and getting to Canton ain't easy. And once you get there, your first thought is: "How in the world is this thing in Canton?"
  • Dallas Morning News lede from yesterday: "A Houston police crackdown on men masturbating and exposing themselves in a park near downtown has led to the arrests of an FBI agent, pastor and a sheriff's deputy in recent years, authorities say." My head is spinning.
  • I love the guy who called me out for posting the story about the grand jury being empaneled in the Russia investigation because "I" once said "a grand jury will indict a ham sandwich." First, did someone get indicted I don't know about? That story just means this investigation just got very serious. Secondly, that's a very old saying dating back to 1985 that I didn't come up with.
  • Can you imagine Trump being called in front of a grand jury and being forced to testify before some of the best prosecutors in the nation? He would be advised by his lawyers to take the Fifth. But would he do it? 
  • We had a guy flee a traffic stop in Decatur yesterday. Based upon the lack of information released, it sounds like he got away. 
  • Did you know Kenneth Starr had never prosecuted anyone prior to going after Bill Clinton? And that he never personally talked to Monica Lewinsky? 
  • The female doctor from Keller who died at the Grand Canyon after getting lost while going to look for water is referred to in every story as an "experienced hiker." It sure doesn't sound like it. 
  • Sean Hannity's new attempt at humor with his "Final Word" is very puzzling. 
  • Trump announced four more nominees for U.S. Attorney yesterday. That brings the total to 33. And 32 of them are men. Just 1 woman. 
  • The more I hear people talk, the more I'm convinced people are having trouble making ends meet.  I don't know if it is suppressed wages or people spending every dime they make.
  • When I worked in my dad's dry goods store as a kid, I got to learn the markup of everything that was sold. One thing I didn't understand was that the markup on Dickie's work pants was the smallest of them all. I asked my mom why. She told me that people who bought those work very hard and "your dad understands that."