Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Well, Trump continues to amaze us all:
  • And he is scrambling this morning in another tweet storm. (This is bizarre. The White House went from "Denial Mode" to "I Have The Absolute Right To Mode" in a little over 12 hours.)

  • Let's get the reaction from Fox News: 
    Translated: "Be loyal Comrade!"
  • And this is supposed to be Trump's honeymoon period. He's been in office for just 115 days. 
  • Changing gears. Someone commented yesterday on one of my posts that Dak Prescott will eventually make more money than Bryce Harper. You, sir, need to learn at the feet of the Sports Expert.
  • I've mentioned the Netflix series, but I didn't know the book was an equal problem. 
  • There's some lawyer who advertises on The Ticket warning about am upcoming "Warrant Roundup" for traffic tickets. He's done it for months. I've preached for years that it is my belief there is no such thing.  Think about the manpower that it would take to locate (if at all possible), arrest, and book-in, say, just three people for traffic tickets. It would be the dumbest use of taxpayer dollars ever. 
  • Junior Miller on The Ticket has always championed The Sardine Theory. That is, the metroplex is so packed that everyone will eventually go crazy.
  • I've heard a lot about the Leftovers and actually watched the first episode. It was really disturbing. 
  • There's a weird criminal case starting today in Fort Worth where a cop is charged with Aggravated Assault. I've seen the video and there's reasonable doubt all over the place (the officer thought the guy had a gun). Why is this being prosecuted? I'm not sure that we didn't have a renegade grand jury, and the DA's office is just going to go through the motions until a "not guilty" verdict is received. 
  • If you bought $1,000 of Amazon stock twenty years ago it would now be worth $638,000.
  • Random Johnny Cash song reference: He shot a man in Reno just to watch him die and ended up in Folsom Prison.  How do you shoot a man in Nevada and end up in prison in California?