The Campaign For DA


It's Friday. Let's Get Out Of Here.

 This is the opposite of my dumb dogs. 
For some reason, I enjoy this. 

 Get me this cat!
 A lot going on there. 

I've never wanted to know the back story more than now. 


Harry Hamid said...

Why does the wedding lady speed up so much?

Anonymous said...

"For some reason, I enjoy this."

Me too. But I still don't see why she has to wear an eye patch.


Anonymous said...

In my defense...they didn't teach me about doors and stuff in trophy wife school.

Triple Fake... said...

1. You chose poorly when picking a breed of dog
2. I know the reason
3. That's just your average house cat (one that doesn't weigh more than a sack of potatos). The material of the wall is what makes it great
4. The only thing I see going on there is a chick in a bikini!
5. Backstory: couple of dumbasses

Anonymous said...

What is it with women and their wine addiction these days?