Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • It was a crazy day at the Capitol yesterday especially after Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein met with the Senate behind closed doors. A million reporters it seemed were trying to corner every Senator coming out the meeting, and it was right out of House of Cards
  • I love it when Trump says, "Believe me!"
  • The greatest job in the world right now has to be a Congressional intern whose boss will tell her or him what is going on behind the scenes. 
  • Which way do you face in the shower? I can't imagine a more obvious answer. 
  • He will "reveal"?
  • The Kid In Rwanda says she has a stomach ache and has been throwing up. Mrs. LL is freaking out. 
  • That guy: 
  • A tree at my dad's lake house blew down. A neighbor sent a crew over with chainsaws to chop it up and haul it away. Wise County roots run deep. 
  • One of my favorite movies is Love, Actually but the scene where Billy Bob Thornton plays the woman grabbing arrogant U.S. President has a new meaning. 
  • Fox News turned into Alex Jones and InfoWars last night. 
  • Local Fox 4 News last night spent the first 9  minutes dedicated to non-existent storms. (Poor Brandon Todd had to report nothing on the scene from Grapevine. (They put a tarp over an ATM for protection!).
  • There's a judge in the Wise County Courthouse who has pointed out that if I predict failure on the Rangers they immediately turn their game around. 
  • Pete Delkus was upset when viewers noted he screwed up the forecast last night: 
  • And he got madder: 
  • Trump said yesterday that he is the victim of "witch hunt." 
  • A meal described "with all the fixings" is a phrase I haven't heard in years. (It's in today's Update.)