Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I cocked an eyebrow when former Dallas city councilman, Don Hill, was released from federal prison late last week due to health issues. I shouldn't have. He died over the weekend. 
  • Former MLB umpire  Steve Palermo also died over the weekend. I remember being disturbed that his career came to an end after being shot trying to be a good Samaritan outside of Campisi's in Dallas. (And I'm disturbed to realize that happened 26 years ago.)
  • Whatever happened to Camp David? Has if just sat empty for years? 
  • Whatever happened to Dez Bryant's monkey named Dallas?
  • Organizations around the world have been hit with a computer virus where "ransomware" must be paid in Bitcoins to get rid of it. One of the craziest stories I remember is when the Wise County Sheriff's Office was the victim of the scam a couple of years ago. And they paid. 
  • Speaking of Bitcoin, I'm reading a new book about Silk Road -- a subject, and the guy who started it, which I find fascinating. 
  • The Rangers have won six in a row. Breaking news: They are still done. Every team will win at least 60 games. 
  • I would like to announce I've never seen so many kayakers on Lake Bridgeport. I am their leader -- at least in my mind.
  • I'm breaking with tradition by posting a picture of The College Freshman Not In The House as she is teaching in Rwanda. I'm posting it because it is the greatest picture in the history of ever. 
  • Who is this man? 
  • Trump speaking a Liberty University's (ugh) commencement this weekend: "You aren't going to let other people tell you what you believe, especially when you know that you're right." But, uh, what if you aren't right but think you are? Isn't that just a different way of saying you won't take advice?
  • From the Update this morning: "Weatherford College President Kevin Eaton announced last week he’d be stepping down." I can say what the Messenger can't: Good riddance. 
  • Me to Mrs. LL this weekend: "Ya know, I never have old girlfriends try to contact me." Her: "You want them to contact you?" Me: "No, but you would think they would at least care a little." Her: "It ever occur to you I'm the only one who can put up with you?" Good point. 
  • The USA Today took notice of a Decatur HS pitcher (and stole a Messenger photo.)