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And You Wonder About The Power of Unions?

He's 24. Harper was going into his arbitration year and this is how it works: After normally three years of being on a major league baseball team, you become entitled to arbitration if you don't have a contract. The player and his current team can go in front of a binding arbitrator. The player says, "I want [x] amount", and the team counters with a different figure. The arbitrator can't split the difference. He must choose either one of the two numbers. The team and player can simply avoid the process by agreeing to a deal. That's what happened her -- the biggest salary for someone in their arbitration year.

Next year, Harper becomes a free agent to the highest bidder. The mind boggles.

Hey, mommas: Get your kids out of football and put a baseball in their hands. The NFL Union is a punching bag.

This is Dak Prescott's scheduled salary:

2017: $540,000
2018: $630,000
2019: $720,000


SpanishWarDonkey said...

The luxury tax in baseball is not nearly the animal that the salary cap is in football. It's really just this; does the team have the money?

Anonymous said...

The minor leaguers are trying to organize. Those poor athletes are taking a real screwing.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Below is his salary history since 2011.........Dak Prescott will make more than this guy by the end of his 3rd year, because he will get a bigger contract after year 2. This is only true if he replicates last years performance. Put a football in your kids hands if you are worried about the money, but if you are worried about his health have him play baseball.

2011 Washington Nationals $500,000
2012 Washington Nationals $500,000
2013 Washington Nationals $2,000,000
2014 Washington Nationals $2,150,000
2015 Washington Nationals $2,500,000
2016 Washington Nationals $5,000,000
2017 Washington Nationals $13,625,000

DF Mr. Stats

Sam Brows said...

Hey Barry,

Open wager, you pick who holds the money: $100.00 says Dak doesn't play for just his current salary in 2019.

Anonymous said...

Teamsters now!

Anonymous said...

Fans have absolutely no clue that THEY, not the unions, players, teams...have all the control. We fork it over, we watch on TV, we buy all kinds of merchandise; and that's the deal.

Anonymous said...

Ultimately, the fans determine how much players are paid. Fans are too stupid to understand that, so instead they complain by the millions about spoiled players and rich contracts. On a quiet residential street, a little girl makes $100,000 per year selling lemonade. The neighbor directly across the street peeks out the window, and spends his free time complaining and yelling at his own family about the little girl's take, and how he has to "work and slave to make less than that...maybe I ought to just open up a blankity blank lemonade stand and retire". But every day, he and a couple dozen other neighbors on the street go to the lemonade stand, and pay the little girl the $50 per glass she charges. Duh.

Anonymous said...

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