And You Wonder About The Power of Unions?

He's 24. Harper was going into his arbitration year and this is how it works: After normally three years of being on a major league baseball team, you become entitled to arbitration if you don't have a contract. The player and his current team can go in front of a binding arbitrator. The player says, "I want [x] amount", and the team counters with a different figure. The arbitrator can't split the difference. He must choose either one of the two numbers. The team and player can simply avoid the process by agreeing to a deal. That's what happened her -- the biggest salary for someone in their arbitration year.

Next year, Harper becomes a free agent to the highest bidder. The mind boggles.

Hey, mommas: Get your kids out of football and put a baseball in their hands. The NFL Union is a punching bag.

This is Dak Prescott's scheduled salary:

2017: $540,000
2018: $630,000
2019: $720,000