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My Hope Is That This Is Only An Accident

And it is sad that I have to have that thought in this day and time.


Anonymous said...

Saw a report that the driver was in custody and was from the Bronx and was a two time DWI offender. Of course they could have that all wrong.

Anonymous said...

His body had drugs ! And besides the 22 people injured an eighteen year old woman was killed.

Harry Hamid said...

I'm not made much more comfortable knowing it was a drunk driver, especially considering how much higher our chances are of being killed by a drunk driver than by a terrorist.

Anonymous said...

You gotta be feeling pretty good about now. It kinda lifts your terrorism worries to find out it was just a repeat offender drunk driver.

One of your peeps, rather than someone the Republicans want to label as the "bad guys".

Never mind that statistics clearly show that your clientele cause way more death and mayhem than the terrorists.

Good job, DWI Guy

Anonymous said...

Illegal alien?