Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • The Tarrant County DA's misdemeanor section went 4-4-1 (the "1" was a mistrial) last week with one case still ongoing. Crappy cases need to be killed at intake. But if they are filed, misdemeanor prosecutors need the discretion to cut a deal instead of being told, "No, just got try it and see what happens." (The absolute most reckless and dangerous attitude any prosecutor can have and a guaranteed sign they don't care about justice.) Note: The DA's office always post their ongoing trials here but it is reset every week -- I don't think they archive the results online.
  • Former OU running back Joe Mixon and the student he cold-cocked reach a civil settlement last week less than one week before the NFL draft. In an unusual move, they issued a joint statement where the victim praised Mixon and basically said he was a "swell guy." That was so transparent. Her lawyer said, "Look, Mr. Mixon lawyer, the draft is coming up and your guy's stock is plummeting. Give me [$xxx] as a settlement and we'll issue a great joint statement, and his draft value might rise so much that he may recoup the settlement amount immediately."
  • The Dallas cop who was fired after he ran over a guy on a bicycle was found not guilty late last week. It's hard to convict an officer. 
  • We had another airline passenger/crew incident -- this time on American Airlines. Here's a suggestion: Everyone calm down!  Flight attendant: Calm down. Mr. "I'll knock you flat" Passenger: Calm down. And even momma holding the baby: Get it together. 
  • You'll hear the Secretary of State or Defense Secretary say, "All options are on the table" when dealing with Syria and North Korea. When are all options not on the table with any country? 
  • After 100 days, Trump has won the distinction of having the lowest approval rating per the Gallup poll in the the history of the Gallup polls.  (The NBC/WSJ poll has him at 40%. Fox News has him at 43%)
  • The Rangers released Josh Hamilton, and it appears he is done.  The Angels gave him a 5 year contract worth  $125 million in 2012. They got one and half years of work. He is in year five right now and still being paid even though the Angels got rid of him after year two.
  • The New York Times reported over the the weekend that Fox News' Sean Hannity gives advice and counsel to Trump. (Once again, we are all going to die.) Anyway, Hannity had a paranoid response: 
  • I didn't know Hannity, champion of Family Values, went to the Bunny Ranch one time.
  • This is a big week for Republicans. (1) They promised Tax Reform within 100 days, but will allegedly only announce the plan this week, (2) the White House shockingly said there would be a vote on Repeal and Replace this week (it won't happen and that was an insane assertion) , and, (3) A government shutdown could happen on Friday. The shutdown might occur if Trump is presented a funding bill that does not include funding for The Wall so, as a consequence, he won't sign it. (Don't worry about that "Mexico is going to pay for it" thing.) 
  • Erin Moran, Joanie from Happy Days, died over the weekend. I didn't know she had her home in California foreclosed on a few years back and was living in a trailer in Indiana. 
  • The Waco DA's office continues to kick the Twin Peaks Biker cases on down the road. They now say that can't try any of the cases because the Feds have a case pending against one of the biker gangs. That's nothing but an excuse. Oh, and you want to know how much this fiasco has cost the taxpayers? The county has spent $208,239, and the federal government has kicked in $268,527 to the city of Waco and $248,941 to the county to cover other expenses. And not a single trial or plea after almost two years. 
  • Random college sports note: In lacrosse, the men wear helmets. Women do not.