Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • "MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee County Jail staff cut off an inmate's access to water for seven days straight before he died of dehydration, and the man was too mentally unstable to ask for help as he slowly died, prosecutors said Monday at the beginning of an inquest." Let's not mince words: Sheriff Clarke's staff murdered a man. 
  • I haven't had a boss since 1992. That's the good news. The bad news is I'm harder on myself than any boss I ever had. 
  • "WATCH: Jesse Watters on Fox News re Ivanka Trump: 'I really like how she was speaking into that microphone"' That was on the new prime time edition of The Five.  The men on that network will never learn. 
  • Groundhog Day: Motorcycle death in Arlington, Fort Worth officer shoots and kills a guy, and the Rangers can't hit
  • Trump is backing off having funding for The Wall in the spending bill which is needed by Friday to keep the government open.  One thing is clear: That wall will never be built. 
  • Ted Cruz has joined the cast of Idiocracy
  • Rumors abound that ESPN is going to layoff somewhere between 60 and 100 people today. Edit: Wow. The first one to just confirm he has been fired is long time national NFL reporter Ed Werder. Edit: They fired Jean-Jacques Taylor.
  • First the Fort Worth PD acquired dirt bikes, now Wise County EMS is purchasing three ATVs.
  • I somehow stumbled upon and Abbott and Costello movie last weekend. In it there was a scene of a young woman who just happened to be African-America breaking out into song on a bus. She was really, really good so I checked into it. Her name: Ella Fitzgerald. It was her first screen appearance. 
  • If I'm the coach in Desoto, I make it secretly known to every 6A powerhouse that I'd be interested in their head coaching job if there is an opening. And if I'm a Superintendent of a 6A powerhouse who is thinking about firing their coach, I contact the Desoto coach. (Is all that legal? There aren't UIL "tampering" rules are there?)