Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • The State Department basically produced a paid ad at taxpayer expense for Mara-a-Lago yesterday and then immediately took it down. 
  • In the Travel Section of the Dallas Morning News on Sunday. It was very detailed.: 

  • A crossing guard in Hunt County was hit and killed by a vehicle about a month ago. Police wouldn't say who did it. The school wouldn't say who did it. Once the press started investigating, the police finally admitted who the driver was: The Hunt County DA.
  • There is something bizarre going on in Desoto ISD. Their head coach was hired two years ago and placed on routine new-hire probation for two years. His first year, he went 6-6. His second year he went 16-0 and won the school's only state championship. As required, the school board had to vote as to whether or not to retain him last night since his probationary period was ending. No brainer, right? News started circulating that 4 of the 7 school board members would vote "no" causing tons of people and media to rush to the school board meeting last night. Why not retain him? No scandal. No fraud. No cheating. The only crazy rumor out there is that the coach is white and the district is 80% African-American. In the end, the school board backed down and took no action. Football players decided to pray about it when the board was in executive session.
  • Yesterday I mentioned the Tarrant County DA's office win/loss record in misdemeanor trials for the week.  A faithful reader pointed out a Fort Worth law firm who got the results for two years for felony cases. The results: Of 316 cases tried, a guilty verdict was returned in 75.3%.
  • The owner of Jimmy John's has a long history of killing majestic animals. I'll never go there again. Examples and more examples
  • The City of New Orleans is taking down various Confederate Monuments. The inscription on at least one of them did not help the "Don't Remove History!" crowd.
  • I thought I had remembered Jack Nicklaus saying in the late 1990s that Tiger Woods back would never hold up. Turns out the claim wasn't bold. Another faithful reader found it  (Source: Tim Rosaforte's 1997 book on Woods.)
  • I don't care about this news, but I suspect a lot of Wise County will: Dale Jr. will retire after this season. This won't help the plummeting NASCAR ratings. 
  • After seeing that American Airlines passenger confrontation video a hundred times, something occurred to me: The pilot or co-pilot in the background, who is in charge of the plane, sure does stand around like a dope during the whole ordeal. 
  • If you can find BBC America, check out Planet Earth II.  (That show shot the footage of the critter running from a bunch of snakes on some kind of Snake Island.)
  • BagOfNothing is losing it. His last bullet point today suggests Trump should invade and go to war with North Korea in order to help his re-election chances. At least that's what he would suggest if he were a political consultant. (Hiccup side effect?)