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Tram v. Car: Who Ya Got

That Tram driver pretty much had the attitude, "Well, I just ran over another car."

And maybe there's a reason for that:


Anonymous said...

I travel far
I smack a car
Without a scar

DF Tram I Am

Anonymous said...

Love bumper cars...missed my calling

Anonymous said...

Lady and the Tram

I love that movie!

Anonymous said...


Nice. That's some serious Seuss-like comedy there.

Harry Hamid said...

Thanks, Obama.

Anonymous said...

t bishop?

Anonymous said...

Having lived in Europe for a number of years, it always surprised me with the number of people that felt they could just pull right in front of a Strassenbahn. They always lost. Not freight train vs car lost, but their car still had to be towed while the S-Bahn cars usually just lost a little sheet metal skirting and went about on their day.
This morning I was certain that an idiot in a Juke, looking at their phone, was going to break past the arm and catch a northbound freight train. They ended up with about an inch between the arm and their windshield.

Anonymous said...

And 8:14 for the WIN! MORON OF THE DAY!!!