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A Perfect Game In 86.9 Seconds?

I think it is legit.

(You can skip to the 56 mark for the action.)

Edit: It looks like the real world record is here.


Anonymous said...

Different to play an actual game and then do something like this. Very different. No crowd, no opponent, no break in your pace while waiting for others to bowl, etc. Shooting and hitting 10 out of 10 free throws in an empty gym is pretty easy for me...but in a real game, not so much.

Anonymous said...


DF Walter Sobchak

Anonymous said...

Yeah, sure, Thomas can raise a barn, but can he pick up a 7-10 split?

DF Roy Munson

Anonymous said...

The video you linked is the old record.
The video for the new one is

Anonymous said...

Lately the embedded YT vids on your blog no longer show the controls (volume, scrub bar, etc). Have tried on latest versions of FF, Safari and Chrome. Does not appear to be an issue on other pages with embedded YT vids.

Anonymous said...

I would agree with 5:56 if I knew what a scrub bar was.

Lava soap, anybody?

Anonymous said...

Fake as my ex old lady's orgasms.

Anonymous said...

Let's see you guys do this.

DF Earl Anthony (Lefty)