The Campaign For DA


It's Friday. Let's Get Out Of Here.

"Me like Chicken McNuggets."
I don't feel bad for hoping that she came in last. 
When you trust your buddy to know the 
difference between lighter fluid and gasoline. 
"I'll do it. I will do it!"
To add insult to injury, I think that blow was preceded by the ol' tail to the face routine.


Anonymous said...

I actually like the girl on the track. Nothing wrong with a little pizazz. Is that Midlothian? I hate that place, though, so maybe I hope she lost too. The worst track in Texas was in Italy, though. I got epilepsy on that track.

Never seen an elephant kick. Would watch again.

I think burning brush piles is second only to "stupid tractor tricks" when it comes to injuries out in the country. I always thump the match from a few feet away, and if I used enough gas and the pile is big enough, it still makes me jump half the time.


Anonymous said...

On further examination, I think it was more of a rope-a-dope than tail-to-the-face. And that landing looked rough.


Triple Fake... said...

I hope the runner did win the race, because she nailed that landing right into the what-cha-call-its...starting blocks!

Drop kick me, Buddha thru the goalposts of (my next) life!

Triple Fake Bobby Bare
and a tip o' the cowboy hat to Paul Craft

Anonymous said...

The young lady in the track video has some well developed thigh and calf muscles for a high school athlete. I think if she was angry with you, she could easily kick you into next week.

DF Athletic Trainer

Anonymous said...

Only a douche like you would use gas on a brush pile. Or you are talking out of your ass again!

Harry Hamid said...

I'm just guessing, but I'll bet that backflip thing was more entertaining than the race.

More backflips, please.

Maybe backflips instead of runaway tires.

Anonymous said...

People in this town are so ignorant. My advice to the class of 2017 is GET OUT!

Anonymous said...

My advice: Dont't get to close to an elephant unless he's your friend.

Anonymous said...

This is proof JFK was shot from the front..back and to the left..back and to the left..back..😉

DF Jim Garrison