The Campaign For DA


Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Fox 4 Morning news has changed their set and format. Consultants!
  • Trump wins Arizona! The craziness continues. It's over.
  • Basically the only "civil case filings" I do are for Essential Needs License. But over the last year, it has become mandatory to do it electronically in the State of Texas. The "new" fees associated with it are outrageous. Instead of having my assistant walk across the street, file it, visit with friends in the office, I now pay a fortune.
  • All three terrorists in Brussels were brothers. And the more I look at that photo the more they look like they were shopping at Walmart.
  • Today "the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in the Little Sisters of the Poor’s legal challenge to the Obama administration’s so-called religious 'accommodation' to its contraceptive mandate." Let me go down a rabbit trail: Is there a more weird name for a group than "Little Sisters of the Poor"?
  • The lady who allegedly killed her two kids in Benbrook had been released from a mental hospital. Everyone did a fine job on that case. Good lord.
  • Trump and Cruz got into a Twitter fight about a nude wife and "spilling the beans". I love this campaign.
  • Some 50 year old kills another 50 something year old neighbor who was at Walmart in Kaufman because he was seeing his estranged wife. Maybe I don't understand relationships, but  my attitude would have been: "If she doesn't want me, take her."
  • Jeb Bush announced at 5:00 a.m. this morning that he was endorsing Ted Cruz. What odd timing. And, man, that endorsement of a failed candidate named Bush will change this campaign. #Sarcasm
  • I hope the new Sheriff of Wise County is making some personnel changes. I watched a WCSO traffic stop video yesterday which made me yell because of the absolute illegality of the detention. The new Sheriff is a good man. Get that place in order. 
  • And note to law enforcement: It is not your job to lecture anyone. The only possible consequence is that the situation will escalate and something horrible might happen. 
  • I started to grow my hair out, it got long, but the wind drove me crazy so I had it all cut off yesterday.  (Every hair cutter loves me because I always say, "I don't care what you do, I won't complain. Just make me look good." And then I tip her very well. She ends up giddy.)
  • The current Rhome City Council vs. Police Chief dispute (see Update) is better than an episode of The Housewives Of Wise County I've been considering developing
  • I had a funny conversation with a guy yesterday when we talked about how as kids we jacked around during church sermons only to have one of our parents wear us out after the fact. (Some of you will understand the phrase "wear us out".)
  • Funny moment yesterday when I got into a social policy debate with an elected official at the courthouse and two administrative assistance started eavesdropping and I heard one of them say, "I learn so much when they have these fights!"
  • What's up with this crazy crayon type hair color for some women?