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Please Tell Me This Isn't True


But there would be a motivation: To keep their budget at a record high level that got ramped up during the last legislative session for border security at the request of the head of DPS who fudged about the facts.

Truth from our government?

"Is this Russia, Danny?"


Anonymous said...

Look, we get it, we get it. No cops and all criminals, all the time.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of which, nothing about the Federal Judge scolding the IRS for targeting conservative groups?

Anonymous said...

It's not true.

Anonymous said...

I can tell you this with certainty--the local news outlets down here are skewed to-- no bad news about Latinos is good news type mentality. You very rarely will hear any news about this armpit they call the RGV from the local media in a fair manner.
Type in Raymondville prison riots and see what comes up.
Type in Reynosa cross border shootouts and see what comes up.
Type in Corruption charges in RGV and see what comes up.
Type in real reason Raymondville walmart closes and see what comes up.
All those--read the difference in reporting between the local sources and the rest.

Trump could certainly point someone in the right direction.

Not Sam….

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Decatur ISD what's going on at Young Elem? Huge turnover every year they are poorly performing and the supt does nothing? Why is that?