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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • There's a guy who tweets me everyday and rates the Random Thought Girl. I'm guessing he is going to be pleased.
  • There might have been a 12 vehicle accident in Dallas this morning. Everyone just needs to slow down. 
  • This Cruz/Trump twitter fight over their wives is insane. Did Trump really say that Cruz's wife is a former call girl?
  • And this from Trump is insane as he compares his wife to Cruz's wife: 
  • Implosion of the GOP at the national level. 
  • Dallas coach Jason Garrett on new free agent Alfred Morris: "He's a really good football player."  As Trump would say, "Garrett is so low energy." 
  • That was a heck of lightning storm last night which was also beautiful.
  • Shout out to a high ranking Wise County law enforcement officer who gave me a call yesterday because he wanted my thoughts on what I have been observing from my review of DVDs of traffic stops. And  you know how this works? He didn't take what I said at face value but he made notes. He'll continue to research and compare other notes as he talks to others and will then make his own conclusions.
  • In the NFL, a new rule is that any kickoff out of the end zone or downed will now be set at the 25 yard line. It's a different college rule, but you know what Baylor does? They "pooch kick" almost every time. It gets launched high in the air and try to have it come down at the 20 but with the kickoff team basically already there. The return team is almost in panic mode on many occasions.
  • BagOfNothing has his boy in T-ball and wrote today about fielding grounders. Here's the greatest tip to do so: Bend at the knees and get your butt down! So many kids just bend at the waist which will end up in a disaster.
  • I'm sad to announce that Barry University lost in the basketball playoffs (lower division) in Frisco yesterday. And I would like to admit I actually have a couple of Barry University T-Shirts. 
  • Great line I heard at the courthouse yesterday: What the heck has Belgium ever done to anyone?
  • Incredibly random fact: Did you know that Doris Day is still alive? And what percentage of the population knows who Doris Day is? 
  • Happy Birthday to Mrs. LL. I think she is turning 21 but I'll have to double check that.