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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • On the heels of the murder of two kids allegedly by the hands of their mother in Benbrook comes this news: "2 adults, 2 children found dead in Sherman home." And this news: Glen Rose mom alleged to have put baby in oven. The country has gone crazy. Or, and here his a hot opinion, the country is on synthetic and prescription drugs because of our idiotic drug policies over the years. 
  • Belgian subway official says there are 26 dead, 130 injured in a series of attacks - two near the American Airlines counter at an airport - today. (Video of people running.) And it caused an officer at DFW Airport to walk around with an AR-15. He later said he does it every day. Anyone ever seen that at DFW?  
  • If you ever want to know how beautiful Belgium is, watch that fantastic movie In Bruges.
  • So Hulk Hogan gets awarded $140 million for being filmed having sex with someone else's wife?  (I don't know if I'm more stunned by that or learning his name is really Terry G. Bollea.)
  • TCU has not won an NCAA tourney game since 1987. They have now hired a coach who was part of that team.
  • I think I'm seeing more crazy drivers than ever before. If you see a red light 100 yards away why weave in and out of traffic to get there quickly?
  • Dear Reagor Dykes: Your latest commercials on The Ticket make you sound like even more of a moron than you have sounded in past ads which so many have mocked. It's basically a defensive, "Don't hate me until you get to know me". And you really believe that "Keeping It Real" is truly a great slogan? 
  • "The University of North Texas brings in more than $11 million in [sports] revenue but also runs up expenses totaling more than $31 million. Its students are asked to subsidize the difference in the form of additional dedicated fees ($165 per semester)."
  • Glenn Beck urging Utah voters to not vote for Trump: “Utah has an incredible opportunity. So many Christians have been standing up. But all throughout the South the Evangelicals are not listening to their God. Let us raise a standard in Utah.” 
  • Breaking Mavs news that some of you might care about: Chandler Parsons is out for the year.
  • I'm nearing the 20 year anniversary (next November) where I searched to see if was available. It was and I bought it on the spot.  And like the Drudge Report, I've kept the format simple and easy. At one point there was a discussion between Wise County officials about suing me for having the domain name. I still remember having a talk with a local government lawyer at the time, a friend of mine, where I told him: "Please sue me. I beg you guys to sue me."