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Wise County Law Enforcement: Someone Explain What I Just Saw

A backup officer says, "It's a California plate!" as he sees a vehicle go by and then says, "I'll be back!"

There may be an absolute legitimate explanation for this. Perhaps there had been a prior report of a vehicle with California plates that had been driving erratically. But remember I've been ranting about how cops are stopping anyone with out of state plates southbound on 287 because they think they were transporting legally bought dope from Colorado. This was southbound on 287 during a traffic stop of kids who were from the South!

Edit: This clip is four seconds for a couple of reasons. The backup officer had only been there a couple of minutes and had been called because the vehicle in front of the officer who made the traffic stop had five young guys in it. These are WCSO deputies and they had made reference to a trooper -- not in a disparaging way -- but he didn't need his name involved in this.  While the officer who made the stop explains what he had observed about the kids in front of him, the car with the California plates comes by and then you hear what I posted. I'll say it again: There might be an explanation. I just want to know what it is.