Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Did the Russians hack the election with Trump's knowledge? And he revealed once again how dumb he is this morning in a nonsensical tweet where he acknowledges the hack: 
  • "Parker County grand jury declines to indict Weatherford attorney Matthew McConahay on sexual misconduct with a former client."
  • Mineola won a football state championship yesterday. Many, many years ago a buddy and I went there and bought about 30 Christmas trees with the concept of selling them door to door in Trophy Club. We tried. It was a miserable failure. We sold zero. 
  • If you watch any of the Dylan Roof videos (he was convicted yesterday) you'll be horrified.  How does a kid so young become so full hate and racism? Side note: The prosecutor in the case is the same guy who prosecuted Susan Smith who drowned her kids. 
  • How your relationship changes with your children (or, in my case, my fake kids -- a funny name I use instead of saying "stepchildren") as they grow older and wittier is really amazing.
  • Mrs. LL and I still have  a 22 pound cat that she found in a pond. He's named "Ponder."  And the fattest cat in the history of ever. 
  • Syria is President Obama's biggest failure. He really made a push to intervene about two years ago and then abandoned the concept. It would have been much more worthy of invading than Iraq or Afghanistan. 
  • WHAT?: "Wise County commissioners approved Monday spending $25,020 to create a K9 training facility in order to host the United States Police K-9 Association (USPCA) regional trials and certification."
  • Syracuse broke a 99 year old cold record this morning checking in at -2.
  • I reference the Mark Davis Show all the time. Check out this picture of the staff of his talk show station, The Answer, and their companion Christian station KLTY. What's missing?:
  • This was yesterday at the Death Star. That's quality comedy. (Look at the team name and the sign):
  • Baylor's women basketball team won a game yesterday 140-32. If Mrs. LL ever divorces me, I'm marrying Kim Mulkey.
  • Those uniforms last night:
  • Finally I have proof of an embedded ad. Yesterday on The Ticket's Hardline, Corby Davidson began a segment saying, "We were all commissioned to see a movie, Office Party . . . . "