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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Did the Russians hack the election with Trump's knowledge? And he revealed once again how dumb he is this morning in a nonsensical tweet where he acknowledges the hack: 
  • "Parker County grand jury declines to indict Weatherford attorney Matthew McConahay on sexual misconduct with a former client."
  • Mineola won a football state championship yesterday. Many, many years ago a buddy and I went there and bought about 30 Christmas trees with the concept of selling them door to door in Trophy Club. We tried. It was a miserable failure. We sold zero. 
  • If you watch any of the Dylan Roof videos (he was convicted yesterday) you'll be horrified.  How does a kid so young become so full hate and racism? Side note: The prosecutor in the case is the same guy who prosecuted Susan Smith who drowned her kids. 
  • How your relationship changes with your children (or, in my case, my fake kids -- a funny name I use instead of saying "stepchildren") as they grow older and wittier is really amazing.
  • Mrs. LL and I still have  a 22 pound cat that she found in a pond. He's named "Ponder."  And the fattest cat in the history of ever. 
  • Syria is President Obama's biggest failure. He really made a push to intervene about two years ago and then abandoned the concept. It would have been much more worthy of invading than Iraq or Afghanistan. 
  • WHAT?: "Wise County commissioners approved Monday spending $25,020 to create a K9 training facility in order to host the United States Police K-9 Association (USPCA) regional trials and certification."
  • Syracuse broke a 99 year old cold record this morning checking in at -2.
  • I reference the Mark Davis Show all the time. Check out this picture of the staff of his talk show station, The Answer, and their companion Christian station KLTY. What's missing?:
  • This was yesterday at the Death Star. That's quality comedy. (Look at the team name and the sign):
  • Baylor's women basketball team won a game yesterday 140-32. If Mrs. LL ever divorces me, I'm marrying Kim Mulkey.
  • Those uniforms last night:
  • Finally I have proof of an embedded ad. Yesterday on The Ticket's Hardline, Corby Davidson began a segment saying, "We were all commissioned to see a movie, Office Party . . . . "


Anonymous said...

He acknowledged a cyberattack not a Russian sponsored hacking of the DNC, big difference....yuge!

Anonymous said...

Trump's tweet is a legitimate question. Say why you believe it isn't.

Race baiting again re Mark Davis? You are a sad little man. Go spend a few days at the lake house...that might help the white guilt a bit.

Anonymous said...

You lefty's sure have become war mongers of late. Invade Syria? Hell, Obama like to got us into a nuclear war with Russia over his failed Syrian policy. Stop the saber rattling, your comments only enrage our enemies and help them fill their ranks!

Anonymous said...

Stepchildren are not fake children.

Not DF Mom of a blended family

Anonymous said...

"Wise County commissioners approved Monday spending $25,020 to create a K9 training facility in order to host the United States Police K-9 Association (USPCA) regional trials and certification."

really? county's broke and top secret shooting reports?? some people lost jobs this year but money is ok for that?

Anonymous said...

8:42 Good point; duly noted
Happy Days are here again !

Anonymous said...

So Trump is acknowledging what everyone's talking about. No real "insider" actions revealed in that tweet.

Anonymous said...

How did the kid become so filled with hate? You certainly live in a protected enclave. Of course the MSM don't report much of the black on white crime, and it's certainly not labelled racism (wrong color victims), so I can see how you might be a little blind to it. But, man, google it and look at some other news outlets and see the true racism ( black) in the US.

Anonymous said...

It's been a lot colder than -2 in Syracuse just in the past winter or two. Oh, I left out the part about it being limited to only December 16ths.

Anonymous said...

Mark Davis show:

Too many white people. Blatant racism!


Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing will bust up their cracker racist honky peckerwood neighborhoods, and good riddance!


And you wonder why there is such a strong ethno-nationalist/nativist strain in the Trump camp.
People self segregate.
You've obviously never been in a military mess hall.
The Brothers choosing to dine with one another don't necessarily hate white people, they just prefer their own.

Nature is natural.

Anonymous said...

I am almost certain Trump gets up everyday and says "you know, I feel like Bill Murray's character in Groundhog Day". I bet he wonders when he will wake up from this nightmare that he's caused for himself.

Triple Fake... said...

The other team could have come up with a similar sign: Gunter Ball

Ponder is a good name for a cat found in a pond. But maybe you should start calling him Ponderosa, because a 22 lb cat is a really big spread

"grand jury declines to indict Weatherford attorney Matthew McConahay on sexual misconduct with a former client"

Alright alright alright!
That's what I love about these former clients, man. I get older, they stay the same age.

Triple Fake Wooderson

Anonymous said...

I look forward to Comrade Trump ascending to office on Monday. By the way, I have some borscht recipes for the White Houe chef for my frequent secret visits. Who should I call? I don' trust the Internet for sending a message.

DF Vladiimir Putin
DF the power behind the curtain

Anonymous said...

Watch out Barry. I own the night.

DF the 22 lb. Cat

Anonymous said...

It is cold in Syracuse. We are experiencing the weakest solar cycle in 100 years. Solar cycles are typically around seven years in duration and if we have another one like the one we are in the middle of now then we will see a little ice age. They used to teach about solar cycles and their relationship to climate in college physics classes.

Anonymous said...

This "lefty" disagrees with BG also. We had no place in Syria without aligning with a dictator, getting on the wrong side of Russia or pissing off the Turks by hanging with Kurds. We took the latter strategy as that's all that remained. Not ideal but look at what's left of Syria. Total Wasteland. Do we really want to be the ones responsible for cleaning it up, again? More billions of aid that goes unaccounted for? Let Russia deal with the years of insurgents and IEDs that no doubt will come next. ISIS is not going away peacefully. Russians needed to keep Assad in power, they own him just as the Redcap Brigade owns our new Idiot Dictator-in-Chief

Anonymous said...

Skippy, I think Kim Mulkey might slap you down to size real quick. 5'8" I do believe.

Anonymous said...

And Trump's tweets demonstrate what so many are tired of.... the media barrage to be politically correct and to toe their line.

He tweets like we all talk among the cuff with our own opinion.... and that aspect is refreshing. It's not politically correct but that's a major problem with our media driven society.

Sure, I want my president to be more presidential, but we will put up with his lack of manners to demonstrate the worse manners of our sensationalized media and our society's political correctness.

Anonymous said...

9:15, All the snowflakes said that I owned Trump. So which is it?

Anonymous said...

Syria...So then, let us assume Obama actually had some balls, and enforced his "red line" concerning use of chemical weapons.

Let us assume he sent in troops, removed Assad from power, and actually destroyed ISIS.

So then, a half million Syrians would be alive today. Probably a good many Iraqis also. ISIS would not have spread throughout the world.

He should have done it.

But...If none of the bad things that have happened since Obama's neutering, did not happen, and there were even moderate US casualties, the far left would have vilified all those in favor of stopping Assad, and the Russians.

Not sure that was clear. We see the evidence of US complacency now. It is death, horror, brutality, evil. Evil is real. It occurs when mean of good character do nothing to oppose it.

But then, when we do oppose it, and support the innocent, we are castigated.

Money for oil. For the far left, how did that work out again?

Anonymous said...

" We tried. It was a miserable failure. We sold zero. "

Skippy, now I know why you are against capitalism except when it comes to billing your clients.

Anonymous said...

Sweet! Nearly Nude RTG's today


Anonymous said...

Hey snowflakes, it's been a year now since open carry was enacted. What happened to all the wild wild west shootouts you predicted would happen?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Step children are not fake kids...fake kids..really? that is so disrespectful. Why not just call them your kids...they are your children..not floor mats and not made of fake material. Why not say my two girls..don't say step or fake to them, even in jest..hurt feelings are not always shown and can fester.

Triple Fake... said...

Well, if the Seahawks play a game in London wearing those unis, they should fit right in with the Limeys over there. The NFL should change the name of this to Color Blech Thursday!

I didn't hear the start of the segment where Corby said they were commissioned to watch the movie (it's Office Christmas Party, by the way), but if "commissioned" is code for "paid to promote it" they didn't do so well. Danny refused to go because he was certain it would be lame. Corby thought it was okay, and one other person thought it was funny. Giving an honest assessment of a film or TV show is a bit different than attempting to sway the listening audience to watch

Anonymous said...

I took an oath to defend The Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic. Trump and Putin seem to be covering the bases. When do we rid the country from these enemies?

Double NOT Fake American Patriot

Anonymous said...

Yeah, attacking a Russian client state is definitely a legacy type thing to do.

Anonymous said...

As to your lust for Kim Mulkey, I think she plays for the other team. Not sure she'd be interested.

Anonymous said...

Matthew McConahay used to be Matthew Grove?

Please tell me the reason for the name change was more than (misspelled) name recognition.

Anonymous said...

I also let her play on my bongo.

DF Alright Alright Alright

Anonymous said...

What generated your question re Russian hack with Trump's knowledge? That Russia has been hacking government servers for years is widely known. Reports are that Pres O was briefed regularly throughout his term in office about it. They apparently attempted same on the RNC, but RNC's software was more effective in blocking those attacks.

I see a report each month from the IT department in the company with which I'm associated that shows how many malicious attacks occur on our website, and from which countries those attacks originate. It's in the millions each month, and the major players are Russia, China, USA, Japan, etc.

As to his tweet being nonsensical, the only thing I see that might be questionable is whether the collusion that apparently occurred between the DNC and Clinton is "illegal". I continue to be surprised that Dems don't seem to be bothered by that collusion which favored one of their candidates.

But then, they also ignore all of the other caught-red-handed evidence of corruption that is Hillary Clinton.

Anonymous said...

"I reference the Mark Davis Show all the time. Check out this picture of the staff of his talk show station, The Answer, and their companion Christian station KLTY. What's missing?"

Wow, Barry. That's a long list.

Anonymous said...

Facebook has fake news? Well, Knock me over with a feather. Shocked I am.

DF mark zuckerberg
DF counting my billions

Anonymous said...

We are glad we waxed today.

DF the RTG trio

Anonymous said...

Good gawd! When trump talked about a rigged election, it couldn't be done. Now he wins, the election was rigged. WhoTF is sporting the tin foil hat now? BTW, they're both pathetic bafoons who are not fit to run this country.

Sick of Arrogant RepugnantCONS said...

The saddest part of all is you RepugnantCONS let KGB Comrade Putin DUPE you into voting for Chump so he & his cronies could get richer AND YOUR'RE TOO STUPID TO KNOW IT!!! he://

Anonymous said...


You are not only a whiner, but you try to get people to believe things that are not true because of your political beliefs. What a small man you must be.

Anonymous said...

So libtards, lend me your ears!

Remember back in 2012, when Romney said that Russia was the US' biggest foreign threat?

Remember that? Huh?

Then, your messiah, Obama, he said...the 80's called, and they want their foreign policy back. Remember that? Huh?


Crimea happened.
Syria happened.
Now hacking.


So, how you like Russia now, after the Hillary Russian Reset?

Would you idiots like your crow baked, or boiled?

I'm always right said...

There are plenty of Dylan Roofs in Wise County. They are just dumb-ass bums that want to blame others for their often often self created misfortunes. And where is that boys father? Cuz you know, apples dont fall far.

Anonymous said...

9:21 How did that invading a mid-east country, removing a murderous dictator thing work out for Georgie and the rest of us in Iraq?

Anonymous said...

10:53 is likely all caps guy's alcoholic sister that he no longer talks to.

Anonymous said...

ALL you Trump lovers miss the point about Russia. It's simple ,a foreign country, with knowledge of it's leadership, devised and executed a plan to influence and affect the outcome of a Presidential election. Did they succeed ? Did it really affect the outcome? Really don't know or care (for disclosure I voted Johnson) but I do care it was a deliberate act and so should you. Why? well let me give you a case to show why, The election of 2020 is a close race going down the stretch, Trump slightly ahead. Suddenly leaks from his business accounts, private servers, emails sent to and between his staff and government offices( pick any or all) come out reveling potentially information that could be criminal in nature or just scandalous. The election turns out to be a close loss for Trump and lo and behold he even wins the popular vote . Then its reveled that the leaks were the responsibility of China, North Korea, Iran , Germany , Mexico (take your pick)and they were a deliberate attempt to prevent the re-election of Trump. I guess from your lackadaisical attitude of Russia doing this that you would be ok with this happening. Of course you wouldn't and neither would I or any loyal American who puts country over politics, though there may not be many of us left.

Anonymous said...

Trump actually revealed how dumb you are in that you do not understand his statement. Only an idiot would think that Russia could in any way effect our election. Russian may well have received the thousands of E-mails that Hillary left unsecured....that should probably be your concern...not an election that wasn't close...thank God!!!

Anonymous said...


Nations seek to influence their opponents/competitors in ways that benefit them.

Always have, always will.

With our history, the U.S. can't possibly play the righteous innocent in that regard.

Anonymous said...

Hey Snowflake maybe y'all can get Russia to help y'all next election ..

Look at it this way you only have to put up with President Trump for 8 more years . I love it all the snowflakes will have melted by then
#saferoom, #safetypins. #hotcoco.

Anonymous said...

2:55Very true about our History witness invasion of Iraq can't get much more meddlesome than that, does that mean we sit by idle and let it happen ? Your head would explode if there was no response. 2:04 probably correct it didn't directly affect the outcome though we will never know but again that's not the point and to bring up Hillary again is plain stupid and irrelevant to my point . The fact is Russia did try to influence it was approved at the highest level, and you would be screaming if China had done so and Trump lost in electoral college but won in popular vote. Of course in your blind allegience to Trump like him ,fact and truth never should get in the way of what you want. Shows have dumb and what as sheep you are. Reminds me of the liberal left always making excuses for Obama you extremes are both hypocrites

Anonymous said...

Hey 2:04, good PR campaigns do work & influence folks. We know.

DF Leni Riefenstahl
DF William Randolph Hearst
DF Walt Disney doing WW2 posters
DF Ben Franklin
DF LBJ except for Vietnam
DF Old Coke

Anonymous said...

"What's missing?"

10 A chemical toilet

9 A unicorn

8 Enough seats to make everyone comfortable

7 A mounted deer head

6 A pipe organ

5 A gay man...nevermind....I see one now.

4 A box of cereal

3 A Victoria's Secret model, but I do see a former Baby Doll's "entertainer"

2 Anyone with a birth certificate showing a place of birth outside the US or its territories.

1 Barry

harveyLee said...

1:06 probably doesn't realize that his comment is way too long. : )>

Anonymous said...

Brian Franklin found not guilty by a jury in Tarrant County Criminal Dist Crt number 2 today. it's a big story. google the back story, Deguiren came to fw and kicked some ass.

Anonymous said...


"How did that invading a mid-east country, removing a murderous dictator thing work out for Georgie and the rest of us in Iraq?"

Except for the cost, actually very well, according to John Brennan, Obama's CIA director. After being head for a while, he testified to Congress that Iraq was entirely stable, and should be a good partner for the US in the middle east.

So then, Obama totally screwed the pooch.

Do not try to change history. There are videos.

Anonymous said...

Ok all of you lofo snowflakes. If Hillary had not used a private and unsecured server, we wouldn't even be talking about any of this. Ya'll would be talking about how white supremists put Trump in office but couldn't stop Obammy from being elected. Or in Madonna's words how women don't like women.

Anonymous said...

4:38 butt hurt is strong with this one. LOL

Anonymous said...

Regarding your first bullet point. Trump the Billionaire sure is dumb says the small town lawyer

Anonymous said...

Former Fort Worth Officer Found Not Guilty In New Rape Trial
December 16, 2016 6:23 PM

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM/AP) – Former Fort Worth Police officer, Brian Franklin was found not guilty Friday following new trial. He was initially convicted of rape in 1995 and had been fighting for a new trial since 1998.

It took jurors a little more than an hour to find Franklin not guilty after he spent 21 years in prison.

Anonymous said...

And Taylor Ferguson winning a murder trial in CDC 3. Hard to keep up with all the acquittals.

Anonymous said...

Last i heard about Susan she was a trustee that worked in the wardens house where she became pregnant by another trustee Black !! She said he was just mowing the lawn !

Anonymous said...

re: the murder acquittal, really young and inexperienced people are moving up in the office far beyond where they should be. who would want to work at that horrible place for that horrible woman, they are so bad off now it is hard to believe she has only been the DA for two years.

Nasreen Iqbal said...

Hopefully, we can retire the term "snowflake" after this month. Some of these commenters appear to be having a tough time organizing a thought without it, and I'd hate for the quality of comments here to suffer.