The Campaign For DA


It's Friday. Let's Get Out Of Here.

You almost pulled it off, kid.

Still doesn't make me interested in Star Wars sequels.

The 22 Pound Cat in the House would have a heart attack.

Obvious NBA fan.

Still doesn't make want me to see Star Wars sequels.


Anonymous said...

The second GIF from top makes me feel very conflicted. But I do feel the Force swelling.

DF Luke

PS - I don't care if he will Make the Empire Great Again, Darth Vader is a bad, bad guy.

Anonymous said...

In reverse order...

The force is not strong with these 2. They must be eating the cat's food when no one is watching.

I was thinking the English Premier league more than the NBA.

If only that cat had opposable thumbs.

I have a distant memory of a POV episode like this, but there was no Star Wars helmet or spewing bottle involved.

Hey Bu, lone that kid the wooden box you use for step up.

Anonymous said...

"The 22 Pound Cat in the House would have a heart attack."

So would Skippy

Anonymous said...

Excellent as usual, BG. Nice work, my liberal friend.

Anonymous said...

I bet that kid don't do that again😄