Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • I'm feeling better. Not perfect. But better. (But staying in bed all day with the puppy dogs might be one of life's greatest joys.)
  • I'm not sure I've ever seen fog as thick as it was this morning. 
  • So Trump selects an oil baron and Pro-Russian Secretary of State?
  • And he chooses Rick Perry as the head of the Department of Energy - a department he wanted to eliminate and couldn't remember during a debate? This is fine.
  • Lane Kiffin takes a job at FAU and abandons his position as offensive coordinator at Alabama. I don't understand that. 
  • And you guys think I can't spell:
  • And again: 
  • When Trump holds his first press conference (if he ever does) it will be brutal. Smart people firing questions at him will be can't miss TV. (He said he would hold one this month but has "postponed" it until January.)
  • What did I just see? 
  • I've got the Army-Navy game on my bucket list. And Notre Dame.
  • Sports news: 
  • I said a couple of months ago, why can't the F-35s fly themselves based upon the cost? . . .