Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • There has been a problem with the comments since for the first time in a long time some have been going to my Spam folder.  Lately I've needed a "Dumber Than Dirt" folder.
  • One of the clubs in question is Dakota's Dixie Rose Cabaret in Abilene which, if I were to take a wild guess, no reasonable guy would believe the girls worked there:
  • Some sent me a link to an article on the tweeting Texas Supreme Court judge who I've dogged before and called it "Barry bait." That's funny. And I took it. My gripe with him is not about his intellect, it's that I think he runs a constant political campaign when he should be working. And does the government pay for his phone and/or his phone bill?
  • And that article was fantastic as it analyzed his judicial philosophy. He might really be an activist judge but a right wing activist judge hiding behind a series of dad jokes and an "aw shucks" persona.
  • I was right about the general location of the most conservative Trump county in Texas by percentage. But Wise County was right on its heels: 
  • And the video has some great interviews but none greater than the guy pictured. He thought Trump had been "talking out of his ass" but still voted for him.  Once again, his voters didn't take him literally, they took him seriously. 
  • Right now, UT's Charlie Strong has the worst winning percentage in Longhorn history (22nd out of 22 coaches). And if he splits the last two games, which is said will save his job, he will still be in last place. 
  • Rev. Robert Jeffress is in the headlines again. This time for calling someone else, in Christian love no doubt, "nothing but a thug." 
  • Trump having Mitt Romney up to the Trump Tower is really confusing. If I were Romney, who berated Trump to no end during the election, I would be fearful that I'm being called in to to get ambushed with a  chewing out and then told to see the door.
  • A legal bomb that only appellate lawyers will appreciate happened yesterday at the Supreme Court. The Court had agreed to hear an antitrust case brought to the court by Visa. Briefs had been submitted and it was set for oral arguments in a couple of weeks. The court yesterday summarily dismissed it without warning for what amounted to a "bait and switch" trick by the lawyers and the court didn't seem too happy about it. I'd hate to make that phone call to Visa. (And the lawyer ultimately responsible has one heck of a resume -- even appearing on The Colbert Report and in House of Cards playing himself.)
  • The subject of my post a couple of days ago about the accidental invitation by a grandma to a guy for Thanksgiving dinner made  NBC Nightly News last night. They are actually getting together for Thanksgiving. 
  • The radio station The Edge is no more. It had become nothing but a shadow of what it used to be when it hit the scene in the late 1980s  playing alternative rock that none of us had ever heard. And it was fantastic. Here's a playlist from 1992. 
  • The punch of the woman by the cop in Flagstaff is beyond shocking. He, as he should be, will be gone. It was a perfect example that force needed to be used but only reasonable force. Slugging a gal who is being restrained ain't it.  
  • Did Halloween somehow bring to an end all of the clown sightings?
  • There were at least two commentators on here yesterday who believe Trump won the popular vote. Think about that.