Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • There was lots of discussion yesterday about "fake news" stories (or at least their headlines) which were rapidly passed around Facebook and Twitter and even published by Google News over the last few months.  They were both on the left and the right. And I've even seen some people even regurgitate the false reports in the comments here. The frightening thing is that the fake news is so easy to spot. 
  • What happened to the big sign at Grace Baptist in Decatur? It looks like it was destroyed and cleaned up (right around the same time as street construction was going on all around it.) 
  • Lakewood's Wilshire Baptist Church in Dallas has basically split from the governing Baptist organizations by voting yesterday to grant full membership to LGBT. Here's a question: What happens if an openly gay guy professes Christ as his savior and asks for membership in a Wise County Baptist Church which is a member of the Southern Baptist Convention?
  • I should have known about the possibility of Trump's victory when I talked to a client who lives in New Jersey two weeks ago and he told me, "I can't believe she might win."  Did I mention he was from New Jersey?
  • Mark Davis said on his radio show that he had to stop himself four or five times over the weekend to remind himself that Trump won.  I have finally reached common ground with the man. 
  • Trump weighs in this morning on the "you didn't win the popular vote" narrative.
  • Side note: Did he mean Texas instead of Florida?
  • Hypnotized?
  • John Battaglia is back in court to determine if he is mentally competent to be executed. (Writing that feels really weird.)  It was a horrific crime that occurred near Deep Ellum -- and right along the path of the Thanksgiving Turkey Trot. And death row has aged him: 

  • One of my many ex-wives was fascinated with that case.
  • With the Texas Legislature about to fire back up, it's time to remember that Bedford Rep. Jonathon Stickland is crazy. 
  • I wonder what BagOfBaylorHate BagOfNothing thinks about the recent "success" of private Baylor University. 
  • Rudy Giuliani is the rumored first pick for Secretary of State? Sid Miller for Agricultural Secretary?  Now that should be fake news.
  • Executive Decision (much like Die Hard) is one of my favorite guilty pleasures. It was on this week, and I recalled that one of the stars was Marla Maples -- ex-wife of Donald Trump.
  • Shout out to the guy who chewed me out yesterday for not giving a "spoiler alert" before I "ruined" the ending of twenty six year old Presumed Innocent. Quality comedy.