Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • On Friday night, there will be 132 Texas high school playoff games. (And that doesn't include six man football.)
  • A couple of years back I went to the Death Star to watch some high school playoff games and saw my first six man game. It was the greatest open field tackling ever. It has to be.
  • Has there ever been a six man player become a well known college player in Texas?
  • A guy who fell into hot spring in Yellowstone last June and died actually "dissolved"? That looks like fake news but appears to be real
  • There was the equivalent of a Fog Bowl college game on ESPN2 last night.  That's a close up of fans on the other side of the field.
  • Twitter is banning some alt-right accounts. They are not pleased. Hey, I thought you boys loved the free market?
  • Mark Davis on Twitter last night: "Someone tell Megyn [Kelly] that a book release is not good time to say silly things that dent her already waning likability." Should she lie to sell books?
  • I wonder if Wise County's "Freedom Texas" group, which promotes seceding, will now disband because of the Trump Election. 
  • Rick Perry is now being considered for head of the Department of Agriculture.  That's the department he could not remember and wanted to eliminated during his Oops Moment.
  • Also in the news was Trump's possible proposal of a Muslim Registry. Why stop there? How about Hispanics? Koreans? And those French haven't been real friendly over the years. Let's add them. Sheesh. So how did a spokesman for a Trump SuperPAC justify it on Megyn Kelly's show last night?: "We've done it based on race, we've done it based on religion, we've done it based on region," he said. "We've done it with Iran back — back a while ago. We did it during World War II with Japanese."
  • I exchanged direct messages with Kevin Von Erich on Twitter last night. I was almost giddy. He told me his senior year in high school that his team, Lake Dallas, beat Bridgeport 14-12.
  • This morning: Jobless claims fall to 43 year low and housing starts reach a 9 year high. Think back eight years ago.
  • Finally, FBC of Dallas' Robert Jeffress is being called on the carpet for all his crazy non-Christian comments over the years.  The Ticket's Corby Davidson even casually referred to him as a "lunatic" the other day and caught no blowback.
  • If in fact 20 billion barrels of oil was just discovered in West Texas, won't that drive oil prices down even if it's in the ground? Or does a supply not yet tapped have no impact at all?