The Campaign For DA


It's Friday. Let's Get Out Of Here.

 I didn't mean get out of here that fast.
 "Dear Barry, You are so funny on Liberally Lean"
Sorry, Scarlett, the feeling isn't universally shared.
 Wise County Hillary supporters this week.
 It's the roof. The roof. It's the roof that's on fire.
 Democrats hearing about the Jeff Sessions appointment.
Closing time.


Anonymous said...

A score of 8.7 for the lady's dismount from the Romanian Judge.

DF Olympic Bar-stool Competition

Anonymous said...

In reverse order....

My last date when I lived in Detroit.

The penguin that found oil in Midland.

Bucket yesterday.

That "dog" doesn't deserve to be called a dog.

Stupid parent tricks.

She supports the left, obviously.

Bucked off at 5.9 seconds. No score for the rider.

HarveyLee said...

They were hurrying off of the stools to race for the driver's seat.

Anonymous said...

One of those, I watched over and over. Good job BG.

Anonymous said...

The gif of the two Wise County Hillary supporters was hilarious....Thanks Skippy!

Anonymous said...

You really think that a small child falling off a horse is funny? Pathetic.

Anonymous said...


Barry didn't put the kid on the horse....or video it....or post it.

So place your blame on the proper party.

Anonymous said...

If he didn't post it, who is running his blog? Not being the original poster makes it OK?